How Does an Energy Audit Work?

Energy audits have helped homeowners save a lot when it comes to energy consumption, especially with the rising cost of energy. Conducting an energy audit helps you to identify and fix problems that increase your energy consumption. There are three major ways in which energy audits work to reduce energy costs:

Thermographic Imaging

This uses a temperature sensitive camera to detect changes in temperature. The difference in temperature between the exterior and the interior of the home needs to be between 15 to 20 degrees for the camera to work. When the camera is pointed at a wall, it shows the walls, ceiling, and floors that have poor insulation in bright colors, so you can see the problem and fix it. They are so sensitive that they can show the hidden wood in the walls and even nails because they conduct heat differently. They can also show leaks around the home, including those around windows and doors, holes, and glass that doesn’t insulate well. This information helps you to know what needs immediate fixing to minimize energy costs.

Blower Door Test

Equipment that resembles a big fan is connected to a computer and mounted to a door in your home. The fan sucks out the air in the house when you close all the other doors, dampers, and windows in the house. The computer will then give you a reading expressed as the air change in an hour, which is the air in the house replaced by the outside air per hour. This allows you to see any leaks in the house that let the air in and replaces the cooled or heated air, thereby increasing the cost of energy. Poorly sealed homes allow more air changes per hour compared to well-sealed homes. A blower door can be used together with a thermal camera to perform an energy audit.

Duct Blaster

This is a fan that tests for leaks in the furnace ducts. Leaks in the furnace ducts are a problem because instead of blowing cooled or heated air into your home, it blows it into crawl spaces or into the attic. It may also do the reverse and suck bad air from the attic or crawl spaces into your home hence contaminating it. A duct blaster identifies these problems in the furnace ducts so that you may be able to fix the exact problem.

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