Preventing Health Risks From Your AC System in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state, but the scenery doesn’t reduce the local pollens allergy sufferers battle. You may think it’s only important to tune-up your AC system for efficiency, but preventative maintenance is an important part of protecting yourself and others who share your air-conditioned space from certain health risks. Consider these ways to prevent health hazards your AC system may be increasing.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can increase in air-conditioned buildings because the same air continues to recycle around. Viruses linger in spaces that are sealed tightly. Additionally, AC units with lower-quality filterswill let outside pollutants like dust slip through the vents into your home.

It’s not always possible in the heat of Arizona summers, but when possible open windows and air out the house on cooler evenings.

Respiratory Sickness

Living and working in environments where cold air is constant can weaken your immune system. Air conditioners in combination with low humidity make it easier for viruses to travel. Moving from the warm air outside to air-conditioned office or house stresses our bodies and weakens our immune systems.

Low Humidity

AC units lower humidity inside. Dry air leads to dry skin and dry nasal passages. Dry skin can cause rashes and crack. If the rash is left untreated, cracked skin can bleed. Dry nasal passages can lead to irritated sinuses.

Dirty Filters

High-quality air filters will protect the indoor air from becoming polluted, but only when they changed when they become full. Dirty filters will worsen allergies because dust mites will not filter out of the air. If you notice having to dust more frequently, that is a sign your AC unit filters are ready to be replaced.

Having your AC service inspect the unit yearly ensures your system stays in excellent condition. A properly maintained AC unit will be cleaned out to help keep the air clean in your home so you can enjoy the summer heat in the comfort of air conditioning.

Contact Western States Home Services for AC service. We understand the importance of customer service, and we also know how important it is your AC system is not a health risk to your family. Schedule your maintenance service online.