How to Protect Your Skin From Dry Winter Weather

Winter will be officially here soon, but in many places in the country, the winter weather has already started. Use these four tips to keep the winter weather from destroying your skin.

Lip Balm

Arizona air already has its way on our skin, and it only worsens in the winter. Lips can often take cold very hard. Without protecting them, you could face cracking and bleeding, which is painful and inconvenient.

Save yourself the trouble of mending chapped lips by using what you’d use to cure cracked and bleeding lips anyway – lip balm.  Lip balm usually contains camphor which acts as an analgesic. This is good for lips that are already dry and cracked as it numbs the nerve endings sensitive to sensations of hot and cold.


Obvious, but drinking water is not typically practiced in dry winter weather. You probably don’t notice when you’re thirsty in the winter. However, even though the body doesn’t sweat noticeably in the winter, it’s supply of H2O is being depleted more rapidly in the dry cold.

Lots of water producers are now labeling their bottles with the pH of their water. The higher the pH of water the more alkaline it is. The lower the pH the more acid is the water. A pH of 7.5 and over indicates that the water is alkaline. Some claim alkaline water is absorbed more quickly than acidic water.

Skin Lotion

Dry skin is a pain in the winter. Feels like lifting your arms will split them off your shoulders. Dry skin in winter cracks easily, and the cold air can make it hard to notice the cracking. Like ice, the cold air reduces pain and inflammation at the site of cracked skin. What’s the problem you may ask? Infection.

Use lotion to prevent dry skin and annoying skin infections during the winter months. Skin lotions use moisturizers to replenish the moisture in the skin that evaporates so quickly in dry air.

Eye Drops

If you live in a place where winter is not just a season but an ordeal, you’ll know the value of eye drops. Tear ducts often can’t keep up. The tears evaporate into the air before they can coat the eye.


Arizona weather can be unpredictable. Humidifiers can be a tremendous help to dry skin. To ensure your comfort, trust Western States Home Services. We have whole home humidifiers that can solve all your dry skin issues fast and efficient installation. Call us today to learn more!