How Energy Efficient are Solar Panels?

Solar power and renewable energy are major topics today, especially in a place that receives a lot of sun throughout the year such as Chandler, AZ. However, before a homeowner decides if they want to spend the money to install a solar system they need to consider the efficiency and if it is worth their initial investment. So how energy efficient are solar panels?

Current statistics show that solar panels around 15% efficiency and the energy efficiency of solar panels vary due to the following factors:

  • How much sunlight do the panels receive each day;
  • Are the solar panels angled properly;
  • How much shade is on the panels;
  • And how clean the panels are.

Although 15% efficiency may not seem like much, it does provide a home with quite a bit of renewable electricity which results in outstanding home efficiency.

Maximize Your Solar Power

Any homeowner looking to maximize the efficiency of solar power needs to address the following issues:

  1. Keep Panels Clean: When solar panels are clean and free of dust and debris they can absorb sunlight better and produce more output.
  2. Place Panels in Full Sun: If you place your solar panels in areas where they are shaded throughout the day by trees and structures you dramatically decrease their ability to produce efficient output levels.
  3. Consider Installing a Solar Tracker: Ideally, solar panels are tilted for the best sun exposure. However, when panels are installed in a fixed position, they are limited. But solar trackers can be installed to move your solar panels and track the sun as it moves across the sky maximizing the renewable energy output.

It is true that the initial investment in solar power is costly. However, over time you will see a return on your investment. Plus you can find satisfaction in the fact that you are doing your part to better the environment by using renewable energy.

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