Monsoon Flooding On Valley Freeways Surprises Natives And Outsiders Alike

The freeway can be a dangerous place

For those who are not familiar with the fast moving high waters which can occur in the aftermath of a monsoon rainfall, the freeway can become a dangerous place. As the monsoon begins, the clouds can gather quickly and a downfall begin dramatically from the towering cumulus clouds.

Particularly in the mountains, the fast-rising water is funneled quickly onto lower lying areas. The force of the water can uproot trees and move massive boulders in some instances. Monsoon flooding on Valley freeways is particularly risky.

Monsoon events can be very deceptive

The water that comes down during a monsoon event can be very deceptive, particularly for those people who are not familiar with the concept of flash floods.

The water rises so quickly that drivers are often unable to judge the danger until it is too late.The driver sees an area on the roadway which he or see assumes to be a wet pavement, or at most an inch or two of water. Instead, the car enters an area that is inches or even feet deep.

Hydroplane conditions are possible

As many drivers have discovered to their chagrin, it only requires a minimal amount of water on the pavement to create a hydroplane condition. The vehicle no longer has traction because of the water which comes between the tires and the pavement.

The loss of traction may cause the vehicle to veer off the freeway, or to be stranded in the rapidly rising water. There has been loss of life due to drowning when the driver and/or passengers are unable to escape from the vehicle.

Monsoons are common in the Southwest

Monsoons and the resultant flooding are commonly associated with Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. In the United States, the systems which are called monsoons are found in the Southwest, including Arizona, New Mexico and part of Colorado.

The system is caused when low-pressure area close to the surface brings warm, humid air up from the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California.

The power of moving water

Avoiding the experience of being stranded in a vehicle with water rising all around can be a terrifying experience. Often, visitors from areas where flash flooding is not common do not understand the power of moving water.

Freeway speeds can make it difficult to see the danger in time to do something about it.

Filtration of cooled air helps

Even though the monsoon rains only develop during a relatively short period of the year, hot weather in the State can be uncomfortably warm without the help of HVAC systems which utilize the latest technology. Filtration of the cooled air helps to avoid respiratory problems in household inhabitants.

A quality team of professionals can provide the necessary comfort

The weather patterns in the Southwest are a surprise to those who have not grown up in the area. It is important to provide for comfort during every season of the year. A quality team of professionals can provide the necessary comfort and healthy filtered are with top tier equipment and knowledgeable installation of the air conditioning or HVAC systems.

If the system is not operating at top efficiency, the skills of an emergency air conditioning service in Mesa AZ is necessary.

Call your AC company in Gilbert

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