What Does a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer Mean?

Being a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, like Western States Home Services in Mesa & Tuscon, Arizona, is a level of certification that few Air Conditioning dealers and retailers can attain, and they have to go through a rigorous testing to retain it on an ongoing basis as well. In exchange, the dealer is then allowed to display the certification status on its marketing and advertisement.

What Kind of Dealer is Eligible?

Again, there are a lot of AC dealers and after-market shops in the industry. Just looking online or in the phone book yellow pages proves this point. However, only a small subset, five percent, are specifically factory-authorized dealers. And that means the given dealer has been put through a regimen of objective and subjective testing designed only by the Carrier Corporation itself. So, when it comes to air conditioning (installation, maintenance & repair) and heating (installation, tune-up & repair), the certified dealer is affirmed by Carrier on its level of professional service, technical training, and knowledge, the speed at which performs work for the consumer, and dealership overall performance.

How Does Certification Benefit the Customer?

Professional service is more than just the salesperson. It involves every personnel aspect of the dealership as well as how they handle non-sale issues like product support, licensing, and warranty support for customers. A qualified dealership should be able to both explain all technical aspects of how a Carrier product warranty works as well as deal with customers honestly, forthright, and ethically. While no one expects a certified dealership to agree to everything, the dealership is expected to act with integrity and honesty in all customer transactions, even then difficult ones.

Knowledge is Key

Training and technician product knowledge is essential to ensure that the right product and service is sold to the right customer without creating a greater problem down the road. That involves the dealership making sure all of its personnel are trained competently in not just installing the AC product but also in how to adequately maintain and repair the product as well. In doing so, consumers can then expect Carrier service from a dealer to be up to national company standards with full support.

A certified dealer is also trained to specifically match a customer with the right product that meets their complete needs, versus under-selling or over-selling. Long-term customer satisfaction is realized when customers are matched correctly to the right product. Certified dealers follow this formula consistently.

Your Go-To Carrier Dealer

Western States Home Services carries the approval of being a Carrier Residential Factory Authorized Dealer, ensuring all of the above consumer benefits and standards of service Carrier requires nationally for heating and cooling products & services. As a result, customers can expect both top-level responses, support, and repair when working with Western States Home Services. There is no guesswork, just upfront, ethical performance customers should always expect. Call or email us today to solve your heating or cooling need correctly the first time.