Why Proper Home Sealing is Important

It’s no secret that a home requires routine maintenance. Over time, appliances and fixtures lose what was once perfect durability. Windows, roofs, air ducts — these don’t last forever. However, it behooves the homeowner to take good care of the appliances and fixtures in a home. This not only keeps a home comfortable but also saves money over time.

Air Ducts

Home comfort for most means living at room temperature. In Arizona, especially in the summer, weather can get very hot and humid. This means that homes will be running their air conditioning quite a bit. The primary problem with air ducts seems to be reduced air flow.

This happens when there are cracks in places throughout the air duct. There might be a crack in one main area or in differences locations. To maximize the air flow it’s important for all holes or cracks to be patched.

The Aeroseal Difference

We offer a product called Aeroseal. It seals holes and cracks from the inside out. This is especially important because the solution isn’t only a bandage. Sealing from the inside out is a complete lock and any possible air reduction. This guarantees the air flow to be maximized through the home.

Saved Money

An efficient air duct system will save money over time. An air duct with tear and cracks will require the air conditioner to be run for a longer period. This costs more money. It makes financial sense to make sure there are no faults in the air duct.

As part of our in-home Home Energy Audit, we check the air duct system for any inefficiencies. We also check for air leaks around windows, weather stripping, and insulation. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.