Why Choose Aerosol Duct Sealing for Your Arizona Home?

Have you noticed your energy bills are high?  Or is your AC unit and heating units working properly but still your home does not remain at a constant, comfortable temperature?  The problem may very well be that you have tears and leaks in your ductwork.  When this happens, air can escape in and out of your home and cause the related issues above. To correct this problem, aerosol duct sealing from Western States Home Services is your solution.  When your air ducts are working properly, you can enjoy your air conditioned home in the summer and a nice, warm home in the winter without having to worry about wasting energy.

What is Aerosol Duct Sealing Technology?

What makes aerosol duct technology so superior is that it seals torn or faulty ducts from the inside out.  This means that air can no longer escape through these leaks and tears because aerosol duct sealing creates a perfect seal.  Once your ducts are sealed, you can expect your indoor temperature to remain how you want it, which will save money on your energy bills.  You will also reduce your carbon footprint by no longer wasting energy to produce air that only leaves your home.

Aerosol duct technology is the most efficient duct sealing technology available today. It is a patented technology that uses polymer particles to stick to the edges of the tear or leak, which in turn makes the edges stick together to form an air-tight seal. At Western States Home Services we use computer software that tells us whether the sealing of your ductwork is faulty or not.  If it is, we move in to seal the tears and leaks of your ductwork and then run another diagnostic test to verify that all ducts have been completely sealed.

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