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If there’s one thing Arizona residents know, it’s that summertime energy bills are no joke. With daytime temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, many homeowners have simply accepted that their energy bills will double or triple from June through September. However, homeowners can rest easy knowing they can reduce their energy usage while cooling their home more efficiently with Aeroseal.

What Is Aeroseal?

Heated or cooled air is distributed throughout your home or business via ducts in your ceiling or walls. These passageways are vital to ensuring your home is efficiently cooled or heated to the temperature you specify on your thermostat. However, ducts can occasionally spring small leaks, resulting in the loss of cooled or heated air and more energy usage to make up for the deficit. With Aeroseal, your ducts can be sealed safely and properly without the sticky mess of pastes and tapes. Aeroseal is a completely non-toxic injectable particulate sealant that is light enough to be carried by your air conditioning unit’s current.

How Does Aeroseal Work?

Rather than slathering messy pastes over all your ductwork, Aeroseal takes the precision approach to tracking down air leaks. Your certified Aeroseal HVAC technician will block your home’s vents with foam to force air out of the leak points. Once these points are found and marked, the air conditioning coil, fan and furnace are blocked to prevent Aeroseal from entering these sensitive areas. A pretest will determine exactly how much air your ducts are leaking.

Aeroseal is then injected into your system via a flat tube connected to one of your duct returns. As the Aeroseal-laden air is shuttled through the system, the Aeroseal will exit through the leak points, allowing the sealant to collect on the outside of the hole until it is completely blocked. This method seals leaks up to 5/8 of an inch wide! Aeroseal’s non-toxic, feather-light seal ensures your ducts aren’t dirtied with tapes and paste and will continue to receive unimpeded airflow.
Once the process is completed, a computer generated analysis will complete a post-test, comparing the results to those of the original assessment.

Comprehensive HVAC Services in Mesa and Tucson, AZ

Arizona summers are hot enough! Don’t let leaky and inefficient ducts put extra heat on your wallet. You can trust your local Aeroseal dealers at Western States Home Services to provide fast and easy HVAC services and help you increase your energy savings. Contact us online or call for your FREE estimate today!

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