Should I Buy A New Air Conditioner?

Deciding whether you want to repair your air conditioner (A/C) or buy a new one can be a tough decision. Expense is not the only thing you have to think about, weighing in the comfort that comes with having a functional A/C is critical as well. This particularly holds true if you are living in hot and dry places like Arizona, where having a functional A/C during the months of summer is a necessity. Places with moderate weather also benefit from having air conditioning as it improves air circulation, reduces humidity and gets rid of harmful pathogens.

If the HVAC system is not properly installed it can consume energy and reduce the lifespan of the air conditioner. It is important to get second or third opinions from different contractors before making a decision of replacing your A/C. A new A/C lasts 15-20 years, but after 10 years most units should be inspected to determine if it makes sense to replace with a new one or repair the existing one.  Some things to keep a note of before you invest in a brand new system:

  • Buy a branded A/C that comes with warranty and guarantee of resolution if the unit runs into issues
  • Choose a company that offers free maintenance for a couple of years
  • Consider including an air circulator, evaporator coil, outdoor condenser, thermostat, and an air cleaner with the new unit to ensure the unit is well supported and protected
  • Be sure to get the best quality installation with all the required permits

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