Maintenance Tips to Prolong the Life of Your AC System

At Western States Home Services, we specialize in Tucson HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement. One of the best tips we have to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and to keep it running is to have one of our AC professionals service your unit annually. Our annual service includes a cleaning of your unit to remove debris, a blowout of your condensate line to prevent clogs, and an inspection of all parts of your unit. In addition, we check and refill coolant fluids. All of this helps prevent problems before they start and helps your unit run more efficiently.

While annual maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your AC in peak condition, there are also monthly and annual maintenance that most homeowners neglect that can be essential to keep your HVAC system working. If you follow this simple maintenance plan, we can help prolong the life of your AC unit.

  • Buy a high efficiency pleated air filter. These are the best types of filter on the market, and they keep the most dirt from getting into your AC unit. Dirt can cause your unit to operate less efficiently or even stop working altogether.
  • Keep your unit free of leaves, trees, rocks, pollen, and grass. Environmental debris can clog your AC unit, so clean it out monthly to keep it running at its best.
  • Clear 2 feet of space around your unit. This will help minimize debris.
  • Change your AC filter monthly. Your filter gets dirty and puts extra strain on your AC unit. Extra strain means less efficiency, higher electric bills, and a higher chance that the unit will break.

By calling us for seasonal maintenance and using the above checklist to maintain your unit monthly, you will make sure that your air conditioner is running at its best.