What Should I do if my Air Conditioner Won't Turn Off

In the Arizona heat, residents rely on air conditioners to stay cool during hot summer days. However, some homeowners often take the AC for granted, and that can cause random failures. It can be disappointing and costly when your AC unit won’t turn off, especially during cooler months or nights when you actually don’t need it. AC failures often occur if the unit hasn’t been serviced by a professional for a long time. Here are some quick steps you should take immediately to troubleshoot the issue before contacting an air conditioning repair service provider.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat can be reset accidentally or set incorrectly so that the unit is in constant demand of cool air. It is possible that the thermostat temperature has been set too low, so the AC won’t turn off automatically when necessary. The remedy to the problem is to try and set the thermostat above your room temperature. But, if the AC doesn’t turn off after taking this action, then it is possible that the thermostat is faulty or the problem could be somewhere else. Get help from a professional AC maintenance company.

Clean the Condensing Unit

The condenser coils work by dispersing heat. Therefore, dirty condenser coils won’t work effectively in dispersing the heat. In other words, the compressor will be forced to work harder and run continuously to disperse heat so as to cool your rooms. Check the condenser coils and clean them or remove any debris if necessary.

Check the Fan Limit Switch

Your AC has a “Fan Limit Switch” on or near the blower to allow the fan to keep running independently from the thermostat settings. The fan may be running on its own when there is a manual override. You should try changing the thermostat settings to “auto” so that your fan runs only when it has been commanded by the thermostat settings.

Conduct AC Maintenance

Proper maintenance is necessary for keeping your AC efficient. Let a professional AC technician conduct thorough maintenance by checking whether all electricals are working perfectly and not broken or burned. In fact, AC maintenance reduces energy bills and helps your unit last longer. If you have no idea on how to check these parts on your AC, it’s highly advisable that you hire a professional for any AC repair services in your home. In addition, some processes are too technical for a DIY and it is easy to cause more harm than good to your unit.

Your Home Comfort Specialists

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