Why is AC Maintenance Important?

In Arizona, going into a cool home from outside is one of the most rewarding feelings. Unfortunately, most homeowners forget about maintaining their AC until it breaks down, something that frequently occurs during summer.

Most homeowners spend a lot of money purchasing state of the art AC system but forget to maintain it. They forget that such an expensive unit is similar to other machines. For your AC system to keep your home cozy and comfortable, regular maintenance is mandatory.

Reason #1: Maintainance Produces High-Performance Efficiency

Each year, a new AC unit loses approximately 5% efficiency due to the deterioration and wearing out of essential components with time. Therefore, without proper maintenance, homeowners end up spending more on repairs, energy bills, and part replacements.

Fortunately, you can maintain your AC system operating at 99.9% efficiency by scheduling a regular tune-up.

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to most home electrical appliances, and an AC system is one of them. An efficient unit means it runs smoothly with less wear and tear. You will sleep comfortably knowing there are no surprises in indoor temperature fluctuations other than the one set

Reason #2: Maintainance Increases the HVAC's Lifespan

When a system is regularly tuned up, its longevity is enhanced. Once you purchase a new unit, it can last for 10-15 years depending on how much you take care of it. Since the initial buying price is not cakes and ale, strive to maintain it or else you might have to break the bank again in replacement costs.

Reason #3: Maintenance Reduces Your Utility Bills

Finally, AC maintenance comes down to your energy bill. When you detect abnormalities in your utility bills, ask yourself if you skipped maintenance for your air conditioner. A poorly maintained system consumes much more power to overcome resistance in the air filters and vents that may be caused by dirt and debris.

Let Western Home Services Take Care of Your Cooling Needs

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