24 Hour Emergency Services

You need your heating and air conditioning system to work properly throughout the year. If your air conditioning goes out during the heat of the summer or your heater stops working during cold Arizona nights, tasks can quickly become difficult. Since an HVAC emergency can happen at any time during the day or night, having access to 24-hour service is critical. Here’s why 24-hour emergency service is so important.

Gas Leaks Can Be Dangerous

A gas-powered furnace has the potential to leak, especially if it is an older model. When gas is leaking, you may notice an odor like rotten eggs or sulfur. While gas doesn’t naturally have an odor, the scent — called mercaptan — is added to make leaks easier to detect. If you suspect that your gas is leaking, you should shut off your main line immediately and contact a 24-hour emergency HVAC technician. Gas leaks that aren’t repaired right away can increase the risk of fire and explosions in the home, or health issues from breathing the toxic fumes, particularly in areas of the home that aren’t well ventilated.

Heating and Cooling May Be Imperative for Health and Safety

For small children and individuals who are elderly or ill, heating and cooling that works properly at all hours of the day and night are critical. They may not be able to handle an indoor temperature of over 90 degrees if the air conditioner goes out during a hot summer or an indoor temperature of 40 degrees if the heater fails during a particularly cold winter. If you have a family member who is very young, ill, or elderly and your HVAC system goes out, emergency service is key. Your family member may not be able to tolerate the heat or cold until a technician becomes available, so it’s important to have access to 24-hour services that can quickly provide assistance.

Emergency Service Is About More Than Maintaining Comfort

Not being able to reach an HVAC technician in time when you have a serious problem like a gas leak or a sick family member who needs to stay cool during the summer can be detrimental. At Western States Home Services, we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services in the Mesa and Tuscon areas. During a heating or cooling emergency, we will arrive at your residence as quickly as possible and work to diagnose the issue and provide a repair as soon as we can. Contact us when you have a major issue that needs attention right away.