Increase the Efficiency of Your Valley Home's Outer Envelope

Your home’s envelope is the outer aspects that encase your home. This includes exterior walls and doors, windows, and the roof. When the envelope is poorly insulated, your air conditioner will work much harder to cool your home. This is vital for Arizona residents as we rely heavily on our AC units for a large portion of the year. Consider these options to bring up the R-value of each aspect:

Walls – Add rolled insulation or radiant barrier to your walls to block the outdoor temperatures. This will keep the desired temperatures inside, and the temperature from weather fluctuations out. There is foam you can have pumped into your walls that will also insulate. The added benefit of the foam is that it also blocks pests.

Windows and doors – Make sure your windows are low-E and doors are a material like fiberglass that doesn’t transfer temperatures easily. Windows should be well-sealed with caulking and doors should be sealed tight with weatherstripping.

Attic – Your attic should have a certain amount of insulation depending on the region you live in. Each part of the country has different R-values recommended and assigned to get the highest energy efficiency. Attic insulation options include foam, spray, blown-in, and rolled.

If your air conditioning system is having issues, it will struggle to keep even the best-insulated home cool. If you’re in need of air conditioner service Arizona homeowners trust, contact the team at Western States Home Services. We offer top-notch products and exceptional service. Contact us todayto learn more!