What To Do In a Heater Emergency

The last thing you need is a broken heater this time of year. In Mesa, our nighttime temperatures can plummet to near freezing. We offer 24/7 emergency services for that very reason. Here’s how to stay warm until one of HVAC technicians comes to the rescue.

Use Your Curtains

By closing your curtains at night, you can prevent heat from escaping. We recommend thermal curtains, which include a thermal layer to keep warmth inside where it belongs.

Wear Multiple Layers

This is the easiest way to stay warm when your heater is not working. Instead of a large coat, you can trap more heat next to your skin by using a lot of thin layers. At night, use a duvet to stay warm.

Make a Heat Room

A heat room is a location where everyone can gather together for warmth. If you have a space heater or catalytic heater, this is where you should place it. Seal any cracks or gaps to keep the heat inside of this room. At night, you can also move your mattresses into this room for sleeping.

Get a Kerosene Heater

A kerosene heater can warm up a small space, but you need to buy a ventless model. You should also place it next to a slightly open window so that the kerosene fumes go outside.

Buy Hand Warmers

Hand warmers can stay warm for about 10 hours. Cuddle up with one inside of a blanket for whole-body warmth.

Bottom line: Try to stay warm by cuddling up with your loved ones and using multiple layers of clothing. To get help with your heater issues, contact Western States Home Services at (480) 630-3270.