Simple Ways to Make Your House a Home

Maximize your home comfort infographic

After a long day of work, most of us just want to relax. More often than not, though, we come home to total disarray. You may have mail to sort through, trash piling up on the counter or clothes strewn about the closet. These stressors add up, turning your house into a chaotic whirlwind, rather than a place of respite.

Fortunately, there are a few simple rules you can follow to simplify your home and maximize the comfort it provides. Implement these improvements and you’ll be kicking back on the couch in no time, enjoying an atmosphere in which you can truly decompress.


Bright colors, especially reds, oranges and yellows, are great for creativity, but terrible for relaxation. If pops of color capture your personality, choose more muted versions of your favorite colors, incorporate them as accent colors or save them for the rooms where you need the most energy, like the kitchen, workout room or studio.

Soft blues and greens add a soothing quality to any room, as they are reminiscent of nature. Imagine your ideal landscape and pinpoint the colors you see. This may be just the place to start when repainting.

Neutral tones are always a safe bet when designing your home. White, beige and soft grays are relaxing to the eye and well-received by most, meaning everyone will enjoy the clean feeling of your space.


Natural light is the key to opening and enlivening any space in your home. Large windows or sliding glass doors allow the sun to filter inside, giving everything a warm and cheery glow. Skylights are also a unique option for those who may be limited on wall space. If you do not have the means to change your windows or doors, consider changing out your blinds or curtains to allow more light into your home.

Within the home, layered and recessed lighting create an illusion of depth. Dimmers are a great investment that come in handy during nighttime when you might not want as much shine.

The calm of dusk or chill of wintertime are the perfect occasions to use fire as your main source of light. Cozy up to the fireplace, or nix the lights in favor of some scented candles to bring a comforting glow to your space. If you have young children in the house, there are plenty of light fixtures that recall the warmth of those flickering flames without being a danger to little hands.


When revitalizing a home, people tend to focus on appearances, but your other senses are crucial as well. If your home isn’t comfortable to the touch, it will feel uninhabitable. You should be able to sink into your furniture after a long day and feel your problems melt away without waking up to sudden back pain due to an unsupportive chair.

Fabric and upholstery can make all the difference between a cold, uninviting space and a cushy paradise. When choosing seating, be sure to test the feel and support of your new furniture before buying. Pick a variety of pillows that are firm enough to use as headrests and neck or back cushions. Shop for sheets with a high thread count, or splurge on silk for an extra smooth sleep.

Though they sometimes fall out of favor, quality area rugs can also instill a sense of unity and grounding in any room. They soften the floor and keep your toes safe from chilly tile and hardwood, and you can choose one that’s as fluffy or firm as you like. No matter your style preference, be sure to invest in a rug that will last through many years of wear and tear, as they have great re-usability.

Organization & Decoration

Remember that a clean house is a happy house. No matter which other rules you implement, you will never feel truly settled in your home until you eliminate the clutter. The solution can be as simple as donating, gifting or disposing of unwanted items. Think minimalism as you sift through your possessions. If you never use it, it’s time to let it go.

That being said, decorations are still on the table (just not literally). A flower vase, centerpiece, framed photograph or small collection of books can add flair to your living quarters. Empty walls are a blank canvas to paint with art or memories of your choosing. Ditch the countertop knickknacks unless you group them together in a cohesive display.

Above all, your home should be comfortable for you and your loved ones. Bring yourself peace of mind by embracing the personal touches only you can bring, whether it’s an unconventional art piece, unusually shaped piece of furniture, bubbling water feature or something of your own invention.

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