Don’t Throw These Holiday Foods Down Your Drain

Having family at your home for the holidays can be a lot of fun, and at times, you might feel tempted to rush through the cleanup process to get back to enjoying time with your loved ones. Scraping plates into the sink might save time, but your garbage disposal will beg to differ.


1. Pasta

Your relatives might go crazy for your favorite holiday pasta dish, but your pipes will respond differently. Pasta can soak up water and expand over time, leading to clogged pipes.


2. Grease and Oil

Grease of any kind should be kept far away from your garbage disposal. Not only does cooking oil tend to harden in your pipes, but oil and water also don’t mix, which means any grease that down your drain won’t easily wash away.


3. Coffee

With so many people staying at your house, the coffee machine will likely be running all morning. Coffee grinds can clog your pipes, so be sure to toss them in the compost pile or the trash instead.


4. Egg Shells

If you enjoy holiday baking, you’ll likely go through a lot of eggs. It can be tempting to dump the shells into the sink, but the tiny pieces can stick to grease, food particles, and other substances in the drain, forming a stubborn clog. Like coffee grinds, eggshells make a great addition to your compost pile.


5. Flour

Flour is another byproduct of baking that’s bad for your drains. When mixed with water, it forms the dough, and you don’t want dough in your pipes! Sweep the extra flour into a dustpan and toss it out rather than wiping it into the sink.

Bottom line: Did you make a mistake and now have a clogged sink to show for it? Don’t let a plumbing disaster ruin your holiday season. Contact the experts at Western States Home Services online or by phone at (480) 630-3270. We’ll show up and save the day, allowing you to get back to cooking.