3 Clever Ways to Disguise Your A/C Unit

While your AC condenser unit is essential to making your home comfortable, its bulky presence in the yard can be downright ugly. If the look of this appliance is affecting the enjoyment of your outdoor space, then it's time to do something about it. The important rule of thumb is to make sure you're not blocking airflow, which would be unsafe and cause the unit to malfunction. You also want to make sure there's easy access to the unit for repair for maintenance purposes. Here are three ways to hide that eyesore without affecting the vital function of your unit.

1. Use Potted Grass or Shrubs

One popular option is to plant grass or shrubs in pots around the perimeter of the unit. These types of plants grow tall very quickly and will be a much more attractive focal point for your yard.

2. Repurpose an Old Shutter Screen

If you like the shabby chic aesthetic, try giving an old shutter screen new life as an AC cover. This simple DIY project would involve sawing the screen in pieces and then restructuring it to the appropriate shape for a three-sided cover.

3. Install Patterned Lattice

Your local home goods store will have a variety of different options for lattice material that can be shaped into a simple, attractive cover with three sides. Latticework is ideal for proper airflow, and you can paint it any color that you like.

As long as you're mindful of maintaining good airflow, the AC condenser can go from being a blot on your landscape to one of the highlights of the yard.

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