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6 Tricks to Keep Your Home Warmer for Less This Winter

6 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm for Less

As the temperature drops, we all look for new efficient ways to warm up and make our homes feel comfortable without breaking the bank and spiking energy bills in the process. Making your home feel warm while relying solely on your heater can be expensive. If you’re looking for alternatives to warming up your home, we can help with that!

Whether you live in extremely cold climates, or you just want to remove cold drafts in your home, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that we’ve put together just for you! Here are some energy-efficient ways to save money and get cozy this winter.

1. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Thermostat upgrades are common, yet effective. Your thermostat is used to control your home’s temperature and is connected to your air conditioner and heater. As time goes on, your thermostat gets older, and not many homeowners think to replace it when things start getting wonky with their indoor temperature.

If your home’s temperature can’t remain constant, your thermostat may be having a hard time keeping up. But don’t worry! Simply solve this problem by upgrading and installing a new thermostat that can regulate the temperature inside your home without you having to worry about changing it throughout the day, costing you more in the long run.

2. Leave Curtains Open

Unlike during the summer when you should keep curtains closed to save energy, in the winter you should leave them open. Direct sunlight is one of the best ways to warm up a home while it’s sunny outside. Close curtains as the sun goes down to allow your heating system to do its job and take over warming your home from there.

3. Add Weatherstripping

If your windows or doors have gaps in the openings even when they’re closed, adding weatherstripping is a great way to get rid of drafts coming in. Adding weatherstripping is easy to do by yourself, and very cost-effective.

4. Caulk Windows and Openings

Seal small gaps and openings around windows. Sometimes there can be small holes or cracks that appear as your home ages, and they allow drafts in, making your home feel colder. Drafts are a big reason heaters have to work harder to keep colder rooms warm, which can make your energy bill more expensive.


Add caulking to window openings to remove drafts and allow your heater to function without overworking and costing your money.

4. Close Dampers

If your ductwork contains dampers, then you may want to check and make sure that they’re closed. Dampers are used to adjust airflow from your HVAC unit, so they play a big role in how much heat your home gets.

To close your dampers, look for handles or markings that may be labeled as “winter” and set the damper handle parallel to the duct line. By doing this, you’ll get maximum airflow without having to raise the temperature.

5. Insulate Windows

Insulate your windows with clear insulation film you can order online. The film helps keep warm air in on cold days and cool air in on hot days. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to warm up without losing out on valuable sunlight!

6. Let Western States Home Services Maintain Your Heater

Most homeowners forget that their HVAC systems need regular maintenance and care. Keeping up with a maintenance schedule is the most important factor in saving money on your energy bill based on how much energy your heating and cooling system uses. Our team at Western States Home Services can maintain your unit to help your home’s energy bills remain constant so that you’re not surprised by a high bill if something goes wrong.

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